Infant Nutrition

We offer a range of protein hydrolysates for hypoallergenic formulas and easy-to-digest formulas, compliant with all regulatory requirements. Our strong backbone in infant nutrition provides us with an excellent platform for innovation.

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Our range of animal free, ultra-filtered products and services for the Biopharma market delivers consistent quality, while offering the option for test and hold, various animal free protein sources and plastic drums.

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Microbial Nutrition

Our range of hydrolysates and services for the Microbial Nutrition market has stood the test of time, delivering consistently on quality. There is the option for both test and hold and BSE free raw materials.

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Medical and Sports Nutrition

Recovery is an important part of Medical and Sports Nutrition. Our hydrolysates are designed to have peptide-bonded glutamine and BCAAs, elements which contribute to the recovery of the body after strenuous activity.

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We make it our business to know everything there is to know about hydrolysates and the markets we serve. Employees in countries across the globe gather market knowledge, providing us unique insight into country specific trends & demands.