How do your hydrolysates compare in performance (in terms of 1.reduction of allergencity +2. adequate nutrition) to soy or rice protein?

In cow’s milk allergy, the body mistakenly perceives that milk protein is harmful. To avoid this, the approach is to postpone the contact with intact milk protein. The preferred option is to use predigested cow’s milk protein, the hydrolysates, since the amino acid composition of the proteins in milk is very near to the infant’s amino acid requirements, much closer than the amino acid composition of soy or rice protein.

Next to milk hydrolysates, we observe a market trend for alternatives. For those infants with severe allergies, that still react on hydrolysate-based formulas, vegetable protein based formulas can be an option.

Soy protein would be a possibility, however, it is also a potential allergen and atopic infants can easily get allergic to soy as well.

Formulas based on rice hydrolysates are a promising option. Rice is the first solid food fed to infants in many cultures and it is gluten free. At FrieslandCampina Domo we have developed Hyvital® Rice CMA 500, a rice protein hydrolysates for infant formulas to meet this trend.