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Increased cell productivity, enhanced growth

February 4, 2019

Supplementing ‘off-the-shelf’ chemically-defined media with our high performing Proyield® hydrolysates increases cell productivity and enhances growth. It also offers faster and simple process optimisation with higher titers and yields. Discover more here:

Positive results when supplementing CD media with soy hydrolysate

Plant protein hydrolysates are well known as complex media supplements composed of many different types of compounds. The proven benefits are primarily related to enhancement in cell growth and production in cell culture applications. A QbD project yielded detailed information identifying many of these key compounds. The effect of enhancing the media using a complete soy hydrolysate is much greater compared to any one of these identified components is added to chemically defined media, where in some cases only slightly improved cell growth or production is noticed. This indicates that in hydrolysates, it is the whole of its components that collectively provide an enhancement to upstream cell culture process performance that cannot always be provided by chemically defined media on its own.

One size does not fit all: Supplementing ‘off the shelf’ chemically defined
media with our high performing Proyield® hydrolysates provides:

  • Fast and simple process optimization

  • Higher titers and yields

  • Enhancing cell growth

  • Faster to market

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