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Your product will make a big impact with our range of protein hydrolysates, based on a variety of raw materials including casein, whey protein and non-dairy proteins such as soy and wheat gluten. These highly innovative ingredients are all formulated using the most advanced enzyme and separation technologies. They offer specific nutritional and physiological properties in different markets and applications:

Biopharma    Microbial    Infant     Medical    Sports

Hyvital® for Human nutrition

We have developed Hyvital® protein hydrolysates for three different markets. Discover more about the Hyvital® range for the following market segments:

Proyield® and Stedygro® for Cell Nutrition

We produce a range of high quality non-animal hydrolysates for the biopharmaceutical industry and a wide product range of peptones for the microbial nutrition market under the brand names Proyield® and Stedygro®. Discover our Proyield® and Stedygro® protein hydrolysates range for the following market segments:

Beyond our products

This is just the beginning of what FrieslandCampina Domo can do for you:

  • We can customize a protein hydrolysate precisely to meet your needs
  • We can provide  application support, showing you, for example, how our hydrolysates can be compatible with your product and processing
  • We can supply you with technical information in addition to the information shared under our expertise

If you cannot find the product or information you are looking for, please contact us.

Consider FrieslandCampina Domo as your partner. Providing you with creative technology, application and marketing know-how.

Hyvital®, Proyield® and Stedygro®

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