Hydrolysates for infant nutrition

Product Range Infant Nutrition

Overview of protein hydrolysates for infant nutrition and their applications areas: CMA (intended for formulas for infants suffering from cow’s milk allergy), HA (intended for formulas to reduce the risk of the development of cow’s milk allergy) and Special (including Easy-to- digest / comfort formulas).

 protein sourceCMAHASpecial
Hyvital® Casein CMA 500protein sourcecaseinCMAyesHAnoSpecialno
Hyvital® Whey CMA 500protein sourcewheyCMAyesHAnoSpecialno
Hyvital® Whey HA 300protein sourcewheyCMAnoHAyesSpecialno
Hyvital® Whey EtD 100protein sourcewheyCMAnoHAnoSpecialyes
Hyvital® Whey EtD 100 Organicprotein sourcewheyCMAnoHAnoSpecialyes
Hyvital® Whey EtD 110protein sourcewheyCMAnoHAnoSpecialyes
Hyvital® Whey EtD 120protein sourcewheyCMAnoHAnoSpecialyes

There is no doubt that mothers breast milk is the ultimate food for growing babies. In some cases, where a mother may be unable to breastfeed her infant, we need a solution that is nutritious, safe and of the highest quality. Because, when it comes to infant and toddler nutrition, nothing but the best will do. FrieslandCampina Domo has a strong backbone in infant nutrition and produces exceptionally high quality ingredients, base powders and total formulas for infant nutrition.

We produce Hyvital® protein hydrolysates specifically for infant nutrition. Our hydrolysates are mostly based on whey or casein and are used in hypo-allergenic and specialized formulas. Our product range is listed below.

For the hypo-allergenic formulas we classify two focus areas:

  • CMA products, intended for formulas for infants suffering from cow’s milk allergy.
  • HA products intended for formulas to reduce the risk of developing an allergy to cow’s milk.

For specialized formulas we focus on easy-to-digest hydrolysates.

If our product range does not contain the product you need, please contact us. Our experts will investigate the possibility of customising a product to your needs.

Background and legislation hypo-allergenic formulas

This overview gives background information about cow’s milk allergy, the causes of and risk factors for developing the allergy , as well and the regulatory requirements.

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Background on Easy-to-Digest

FrieslandCampina Domo develops and manufactures hydrolysates which are used in Easy-to-Digest (or Comfort) infant formulas. This overview gives background information about these formulas and why they are used.

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We believe every child has the right to grow up healthy. We have a true passion for what we do: providing superior quality, nutritional products for the most vulnerable in society.