Hydrolysates for Microbial Nutrition

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Overview of hydrolysates & peptones, from different protein sources for Microbial Nutrition and their recommended application areas: microbiological culture media (microbiological), fermentation nutrient systems (fermentation), TSA & TSB formulations (TSA &TSB).

 protein sourcemicrobiologicalfermentation
Stedygro® Casein CE90Mprotein sourcecaseinmicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Stedygro® Casein CR90MLprotein sourcecaseinmicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Stedygro® Casein CE90MPCprotein sourcecaseinmicrobiologicalyesfermentation
Stedygro® Casein CE90MXprotein sourcecaseinmicrobiologicalyesfermentation
Stedygro® Soy SE50Mprotein sourcesoymicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Stedygro® Gelatin Yeast PP90Mprotein sourcegelation & yeastmicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Stedygro® Gelatin GE90Mprotein sourcegelatinmicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Proyield® Soy SE50MKprotein sourcesoymicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes
Proyield® Cotton CNE50Mprotein sourcecottonmicrobiologicalyesfermentationyes

Protein hydrolysates are mainly composed of peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals which make them ideally suited for microbiological culture media, fermentation nutrient systems, a variety of microbial and cell culture media formulations.  Peptones primarily from animal proteins have been used for years as a source of readily available organic nitrogen in microbiological culture media for the cultivation of a range of organisms.

The expertise that FrieslandCampina Domo have developed in our 40 plus years of manufacturing high performing protein hydrolysates or peptones includes enzyme technology, protein separation and repeatability or consistency of product quality.  These nutrients are highly processed and yield a crystal clear solution in water to meet the most critical demands of customers.

Our ingredients are based on a variety of high quality raw materials including but not limited to casein, whey protein concentrate, soy protein, gelatin, cotton seed and wheat gluten. We provide products from bench top through to pilot plant and commercial production. Domo peptones and protein hydrolysates will ease downstream processing of your end product.

Your high value end product deserves our quality ingredient.

Consistency and reliabilty

Trusting FrieslandCampina Domo as your reliable ingredient supplier assures you of consistent microbial growth whether you are filling a petri dish or a 150,000 liter fermentation vessel.

How we manage consistency and reliability

Can we help you to select the best hydrolysate for your cell nutrition application?

With our outstanding expertise in the field of cell nutrition and hydrolysates, we will share our expertise to help you to select the best hydrolysate for your biopharmaceutical or microbial nutrition application.

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Consistent and predictable growth is key to accurate identification of microorganisms and diagnosis of infection. Patients and consumers throughout the world depend on this.