Hydrolysates for Sports Nutrition

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Overview of protein hydrolysates for sports nutrition.

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Hyvital® Wheat Glutamine PUprotein sourcewheat glutenproduced byDOMOoffered byDMV
Hyvital® whey 8016protein sourcewheyproduced byDOMOoffered byDMV
Hyvital® whey 8022protein sourcewheyproduced byDOMOoffered byDMV

Ingredients for Sports Nutrition include Hyvital® hydrolysates, which have a good taste and are a key source of BCAA and/or glutamine. Additionally, protein hydrolysates can offer high clarity in solutions and are applicable in sports gels, protein bars, powder blends and tablets. The hydrolysates are marketed by FrieslandCampina DMV.

In our Science Library we have listed further recommended reading for sports nutrition and hydrolysates.

Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition

FrieslandCampina DMV has a wide range of natural ingredients to offer, particularly suitable for sports and weight nutrition.

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We have a range of hydrolysates with differing application benefits. This range includes the whey based:

Hyvital® Whey 8022 and Hyvital® Whey 8016

80 for typical the protein content and 22 & 16 for typical di- and tripeptides levels